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Sarai Wildheart teases us of whats to come in her latest single

The poet, singer, songwriter and Public Relations Maven from Southside Jamaica Queens give us something to look forward to before her EP drops in the spring of 2022. The song Perspective - Unplugged is a testament of the young artist dreams of providing inspiring messages through her music. Instead of us fearing the changes that happen through our lives to embrace it and keep rolling with the punches. We love the jazz undertone in Wildhearts voice that makes it invited the audience to hear.

"People always come & go

Same way as the seasons flow

Just hold onto to your memories

Pray that they will never fold"

Perspective also gives us a sense of reflection, with the new year we must look out for number one and continue to go through the changes and manifest for those better days. As media one thing stood out to us about the project, her lyrics are searchable which is a great thing when promoting yourself as an artist it gives the fan the correct terminology in the song and allows us to reflect upon the song and ourselves in different ways. We can't wait to see what comes next for her .

Stream the Single here

Follow her everywhere @saraiwildheart


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