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SATRE's New Song "homebound": A Feel-Good Anthem for the Soul

SATRE's latest track, "homebound", is a feel-good indie folk-pop gem. The Swedish singer-songwriter, now making waves in London's music scene, really nails it with this one. "homebound" is all about that special someone who feels like home, and it captures the joy of a sunlit road trip with friends.

The song is a fun mix of upbeat guitars and banjos, driving drums, and touching violins. SATRE’s husky voice adds a raw, emotional touch that makes the lyrics hit home. You can almost see the open road and feel the breeze as you listen.

SATRE's journey from Stockholm to London has been impressive, especially since he became one of the top street performers in the UK. His knack for connecting with people shines through in "homebound," making it clear why his fanbase is growing so fast. This track is sure to keep that momentum going and shows that SATRE is one to watch in the indie folk-pop world.


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