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Shelby Morgan is a symbol of resilience in debut album 'Confessions of a Drama Queen'

Shelby Morgan, the talented singer-songwriter hailing from Baltimore, finally unveiled her highly anticipated debut album, 'Confessions of a Drama Queen’. Known for her unique blend of soul pop, dream pop, mainstream pop, and alternative pop, Shelby Morgan has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Her musical journey is as compelling as her sound. In 2018, she not only began captivating audiences with her soul-stirring performances but also launched Insomnia Vintage, a vintage clothing line that mirrored her music's nostalgic aesthetic. Passionate about sustainability in both music and fashion, Shelby Morgan's artistry embodies a beautiful blend of the past and present.

Despite facing challenges, her dedication and talent caught the attention of music legend Nile Rodgers, who mentored her from 2018 to 2020. The promising prospect of a record deal in March 2020 was put on hold due to the global pandemic. Undeterred, Shelby used this setback as an opportunity for growth, independently releasing four EPs and honing her craft. She unveiled her first full-length LP, 'Confessions of a Drama Queen’, in February 2024.

'Confessions of a Drama Queen' is a testament to Shelby Morgan's resilience and authenticity. In her own words, "I wrote this album in honor of my inner child." Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, Shelby's songwriting serves as a therapeutic outlet, allowing her to be unapologetically herself.

"'Confessions of a Drama Queen' is an album I wrote in honor of my inner child. Growing up, I was bullied for expressing my emotions, which ultimately forced me to shut down as a teenager into my early adulthood," Shelby shares. The album, set to release on her birthday, is a heartfelt gift to her younger self and an empowering message to others to embrace their true selves.

The lead single, "Sex, Secrets, Promises", offers a glimpse into the raw and honest storytelling that defines Shelby Morgan's music. With its infectious hooks and captivating vocals, the single sets the stage for what promises to be a transformative musical experience.

Shelby Morgan's influences, including Miley Cyrus, shine through in the album's fearless approach to self-expression, empowerment and individuality. "I channeled the same elements that she does. She taught me to be myself, write what I want to write and to never stop even if people tell you to," Shelby reflects.

Collaborating with co-writer and musical soulmate Mike Manos, as well as Nate Lanzino from Wright Way Studios in Baltimore, the album promises a cohesive yet diverse collection of songs that resonate with genuine emotion.

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