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Sky Whately Drops visual for single Bae Changed Me

After our announcement about our airing on Puso 82.3FM , Sky Whately drops the visual for his hit single Bae Changed Me. The visual takes place in Georgia home of the Southern Soul Artist. Directed by World Wheel Entertainment DJ BigFace , MovieMic, and Cut God 17.

The video starts off with Whately waking up talking to one of his friends, late for work. The song and video talking about how he would hang out with the homies every night living the playa life until that one person came and made him a different man.

Overall the song and its meaning is amplified by the soulful southern production giving us a feel good vibe that as The Heel Classic said he didn't know whether he wanted to do the soul clap or the diddy bop. We hope to see more from Sky Whately

Follow Sky Whately at @skywhately


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