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So Phenomenal Entertainment own Phenom puts another feel good anthem in Perfection

A few weeks ago we had the honor to sit down with Jason Pagan (Phenom) CEO of So Phenomenal Entertainment , So Phenomenal Lifestyle as well as independent artist. We can recall as back as 2012 that the young artist from the Bronx has wowed his fans, friends, family alike with his powerful presence, respectful disposition, and lyrics that relate to audiences in different demographics, and when the tough gets going he did not give up continuing to stay positive.

Phenom shared his powerful story with us on Rawrrzone earlier this month, you can check out the interview on our youtube page. Despite all his obstacles he continues to put music that uplifts and brings positive energies to everyone that listens .

Perfection is a timeless anthem showing us all no matter our insecurities, our fears our shapes, color and size we are perfection and we should love ourselves for who we are. In the song, he is singing to the masterpiece in his life telling her no matter how she sees herself she is perfection.

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