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The Joint Cheefs - The Quap

Starting 4Q on a High note the Joint Cheefs welcomed the end of October and the fall season with the drop of their fourth studio project The Quap. Starting from the promotion Geo The Rican, Sonny Blue Note and Loudpack Ralph have been larger than life promoting the project and their Album Release event which took place at The Shrine in Harlem. The Joint Cheefs have been a staple of the NYC Cannabis community since the drop of their first project Never Canoe in 2018. They have participated in Cannabis centered events and continued in the advocation of marijuana in both front of the cameras and in everyday life.

The Quap is a reference for a quarter pound or four ounces which was the perfect name to tie up four amazing projects with such eclectic sounds during the 4th Quarter. Produced by Santana Willis, Malcolm Sef , and Grynch thw project gives us the best Jars, Cheefcake, Never Canoe vibes in a more modern twist. The art work even contains photos from their rich history of their journey. The Quap is the reminder of what New York sounds like.

The 13 track LP attracts all type of demographics, for our boombap lovers 3.5 , Smokeshop , Smoke Break will keep you entertained. Designer, 500 Degrees, and Percentage can go for the newer hip hop heads while Love at First Light feat Baby Kait is the perfect stoner love song for all demographics.

In a recent live that Ivy had the pleasure of being apart of briefly Geo guessed the Rawrrzone host's three favorite songs from the project which were Na, Slide Bounce, and Love at First Light. While he was correct about Love at First Light, Ivy has been particular to When The Smoke Clears, Smoke Shop , Love at First Light and Smoke Shop.

Make sure you follow the Cheefs everywhere @thejointcheefs

The Quap available everywhere now


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