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Theres a Bronx Takeover in Agrabah in Kilam Rose latest Remix

A few months ago Kilam Rose and Meko Sky came to Welcome to The Rawrrzone to introduce his latest single Aladdin to our audiences and we got to know a little bit about the lyricist from the Bronx. It is now 2022 and Rawrrzone has learned that the Bronx took over Agrabah and Aladdin is a little more swagged out now that Meko Sky, Dru Rose and Ryzzo has jumped on the track.

For us here at Rawrrzone we dont know what we like more the bars from the lyricists or the catchy beat. From a media standpoint we see this track in your clubs being spun by djs, we see even a possible challenge come from this track. One thing is for certain this collaboration did not seem forced and everyone tapped into themselves and brought the fire to the track.

Stream Aladdin Remix Here

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