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Thoughts of a Regular Fan- Live Johnson - Live Jewels (Album)

What is a jewel? Urban dictionary has 4 very distinct, but equally important definitions when it comes to “dropping a jewel.” 

  1. To give the truth about a matter.

  2. To tell what really happened.

  3. Sharing wisdom to the clueless.

  4. Taking you to school.

Live Johnson embodies all these definitions on this album

Coming out of a nearly 4 year hiatus, Live Johnson is back with Live Jewels, a very personal and emotional outing that chronicles the artist's last few years. Live came in this album with a lot of experience, growth, and knowledge to share. Coming from a low place, dealing with the effects of the pandemic, and questioning his love for the sport of music, he endured and created what will arguably be his best work to date. 

Starting off strong with the Intro, “Live Jewels”, he paints a picture, and shows you EXACTLY what you're going to get throughout the album, a gritty, street tale of how he made it through, and out of the street life.  With “Classic Vibes”, he showcases his love for hip hop, and the artists that have influenced him while growing up in Queens. “Luv It”, the album's first single, stands out as a feel good record, tempting you to love life despite its hardships. “Roses”, a standout, autobiographical track, talks about being recognized and respected while you're here on this earth, and not after you're long gone. “Tax Something” and “The Last of Us” brings out heavy hitting bars over 90s boom bap drums, either making you want to rob someone or get on the mic and spit heavily with the features. “The Gems” rounds off the project nicely, with Live giving his reasons for the creation of the album. Once the music's over, you feel like you've learned something new, either about Live as a man, or about yourself and what you can be capable of doing with the right direction. 

This isn't an album for the weak at heart, this is not for the civilian. It is an intimate take on street life, and it pays homage to the mentors and friends who have shaped Live life. Enjoy it. These are the types of albums we long for, but rarely get anymore. 

Live Jewels is out now on all Digital Streaming Platforms


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