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Venomiss teases her return in Beni-Hana latest single Marinate

"V back on her bullshit like her first album "

Last time we saw Venomiss was during the pandemic and she introduced her cosmetic brand BAL Cosmetics and talked to us about her music. We also had the honor to be part of her media tour for her project No Favors , No Regrets , No Apologies . Now that the pandemic has reached a different plateau and the Rapper / Mogul has taken the time that she needed to get herself situated and decided to remind us of who is the deadliest of Femcees.

The track Marinate from Carolina's own Hip Hop Emcee Beni-Hana featuring Venomiss and DJ Green Lantern gives us the nitty gritty underground vibe that has been lacking in today's music. Beni-Hana gives us a Tech N9ne vibe in his lyrical presentation which compliments Venomiss boom bap flow and her deadly bars with DJ Green lantern perfectly blending the two together.

Stream it on all streaming platforms. Follow Venomiss at @itsvenomiss and Follow Beni-Hana at @@beni_hana_dot_net


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