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We Don’t Ride Llamas’ Bold Release, ‘(2-Inch) Grave’

In the heart of Austin's vibrant music scene, a storm is brewing - both metaphorically and literally. We Don’t Ride Llamas, a quartet with a penchant for blending Afro Punk and Metal, has unleashed their latest single, ‘(2-Inch) Grave’, a raw and emotive tribute born from the ashes of Winter Storm Uri’s devastation. But this isn’t just another track; it’s a defiant outcry against systemic neglect and a powerful homage to lives lost, particularly those overlooked in the aftermath of the storm.

For We Don’t Ride Llamas, music isn’t just about creating catchy tunes; it’s about storytelling and catharsis. Inspired by a diverse array of musical legends, from Robert Johnson to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the band infuses their music with emotional depth and narrative weight.

The genesis of ‘(2-Inch) Grave’ lies in the bitter cold of Winter Storm Uri, which left Texas reeling in its wake. But amidst the chaos and devastation, We Don’t Ride Llamas found a source of strength and solidarity within their community. Through their music, they pay tribute to the lives lost, particularly the houseless individuals whose struggles often go unnoticed. With searing honesty and unrelenting passion, the band demands accountability and justice, refusing to let the voices of the marginalized be silenced. The message is further amplified by the music video.


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