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What does HLR Mean For NYC and Boston?

NYC and Boston, Massachusetts have had sports rivalries for as long as we can remember, but recently there has been a drastic change in entertainment. Music artists from both cities have been known to travel and perform back and forth, but there have been some amazing collaborations that we are here to cover. Unless your ear is REALLY to the streets you may not be aware, so we're here to point out what legendary artists are working with new independent hip hop artists and most importantly what this means for the culture.

Lets start by paying homage to some of the greats that have made these opportunities possible.

Jadakiss, who is a member of The Lox, has been signed to Bad Boy Records, Def Jam, Interscope, Ruff Ryders and backed by numerous others like RocNation as well. Performed on stages next to Jay-z, has featured with Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and many others. These days Jadakiss has broadened his entrepreneurial vision. The online multimedia creative service, known as SoRaspy, is an umbrella company founded by Jadakiss and Jay Jackson. SoRaspy is the hub for an online publication, record label, apparel, and YouTube channel.

Millyz is an independent music artist, from Cambridge Massachusetts, signed to SoRaspy. You may have caught the video for "Hopeless", but if not we got you covered. Check it out and click below.

What does this even mean for artists in either region? Unity! Millyz has also been working with Benny The Butcher, seen in photos with Young M.A. and Fivio Foreign and much other big names. Millyz has also reached out on his Facebook LIVE videos to his fans and local artists alike, letting them know he has the intentions to bring artists up to that big stage. Metaphorically speaking, or maybe not? This could mean an invitation to open for shows or a possibility to open for Millyz on tour. Nothing is set in stone yet but the topic is worth speculation.

This Sunday (November 7th) Millyz will be in Manchester NH, at the 603 Bar & Grille with such acts as Sicker Than Most, shout out to Flow Free Or Die x Xplicit Studios. December 10, Dave East, Millyz and Jadakiss are scheduled to perform at the Centro Night Club in Lawrence Massachusetts, with much more shows to come! Shout out to Latin Roots Media for making the December 10th show possible!

Millyz is also a proven entrepreneur with some of his latest moves... Lets talk about labels and apparel.

Please do not confuse High Level Rap with the apparel line, The Label Ltd. There are many more events and ventures that will be popping up in the future so stay in contact! Follow @RawrrZoneNYC on all social media for latest coverage on these topics and more...


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