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What to expect from Musically Sincere - Bombs Away

Hailing from Massachusetts our friend Musically Sincere is no stranger to the hip hop genre. With his larger than life personality and his lyrical versatility there are no lyrical obstacles he can’t overcome. His unreleased single Bombs Away featuring NRE Jaamal is no different. With no release date set we must expect the nitty gritty vibes that will get you pumped whether you are going to work, ball, war this song will motivate the hell out of you to get things done.

Bombs away is Sincere’s way of saying the industry is his and no one will come in his house and get in his way. Which Is a commendable attitude to have in this industry that we are apart of. The track will be on Sincere's next project Illmentall. The project which drops on March 18th will contain a remix of the track featuring Breed2Official.

Follow him everywhere @musicallysincere


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