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Your Favorite Weatherman Drops latest Project Giya

Your local meteorologist from NWO Frass As Hell brought all the smoke in his project GIYA. The weatherman in the blazer clouding up your 7 day FrassCast brought the combination of bars, motivations as well as the clouds as he brought his style of Frass swag as he pushes his mission in life the mission of GIYA (Give it Your All).

The beat selection is diverse sampling classical beats with modern styles including a familial yet killer piano melody with a Boom Bap twist in WIN. The track giving you the bop while instilling his journey as an artist and his goal to win for the times he suffered and fought and the people that turned his back on him. Frass has shown us while he was able to show us his lyrical styles he is not unfamiliar to giving us a sample of that in She Inlove w/ A Plug 1 and 2, both parts giving you the uplifted Fivio vibes.

The lead single of the project GIYA will be known as a timeless classic for the young emcee. Not only is the beat catchy but the words have become relatable and a staple to many in the independent scene. The track motivates you to keep going when there is nothing left.

Stream GIYA on all digital streaming platforms.

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