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2 Chainz Finds Cash Belonging to His Late Father Stashed In The Basement of His Home.

A routine home repair of a burst pipe, during "Game Night" in the Grammy Award winning rapper's home; led 2 Chainz to discover what he believes is his late father's money stash. In the video, 2 Chainz can be seen running his hands through the bag of meticulously rolled bills while his children express curiosity.

Last year was the 10 year anniversary of his father's death, he passed away in 2012 just as "Tity Boy" began his ascent to fame. During an interview with Angie Martinez, 2 Chainz expressed how he was glad his father was able to see the beginning of his success, but ultimately wishes he could've shared more of it with him.

It seems that instead his father shared his own success with his son and is still watching out for him from above.


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