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#RawrrAlbums : We see XYLE’s musical alter ego in Intoxicated Thoughts

We thought we saw it all from the Queens MC when he put out Full Moon. We saw the raw passion and the many sexual innuendos in Full Moon . We heard the raw heavy beats, the love crazy bars, the barfights, and the reason women wonder now about his fingerprints. But once again XYLE surprises us with the versatility of his artistry when he takes over with the chill beats in Intoxicated Thoughts. With that name you leave it all to curiosity not only about his music but who the young rapper really is.

The impressive part of the production of this album is it was done within the same time frame as Full Moon. The question pending from this is where did XYLE have the time or the energy to put out the two projects at once, where his motivation was in this? Although it was released and promoted now you have to applaud someone for being able to take the time and effort to put two projects at once. As the counterpart to Full Moon , Intoxicated thoughts is different in both beat and content selection. But one thing remains the same XYLE never seizes to bring the heavy bars.

Here are our favorites here at Rawrr

Conscience - with the beat resembling a moonlight sonata with a twist, XYLE talks about his feelings , and the devil and the angel , and if you push him to see what he can do. Within this song his main desire is to be able to live his life comfortably without the harassment and the pressures of the negativity around him.

Act Right - Alongside with Verse the duo retreats to the comfort ability we all know and love from XYLE. The hard beat and bars they make their statement and put those on warning telling those to act right.

Live for Me - Through the seriousness of it all we are in a society full of depression and negativity. With a country with one of the highest suicide rates, XYLE takes his stance on it although the flow is laid back and chill, XYLE presents it as if he was talking to his friend asking him to live for him if he will not live for himself. Describing what they will have to share and what they can build if he just lives for him.

If you know XYLE personally he is one of the hardest working people you will encounter. His proof is in his music, the dedication to the craft and the meaning behind each song. We suggest you pick this up and follow him at @xylenyc

Stream the album here :

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