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#RawrrPicks - Yano feat Bizzy Bee and Teddy Grahams Bully Shit

2019 seems to be the start of the indie strongarm as SQMG own Yano came to show us what he brings to the table. At The Holiday version of The GiveBack Show Yano suprises us with a special feature from BBP own Bizzy Bee and ICMG2Deep own Teddy Grahams. 2019 is the year of the bully and they wont take no shit. It gives you an old school Ruff Ryders feel and something you can bump to when on the grind. The collaboration random and unexpected but blends perfectly.

If this is how he starts his year I wonder how will he continue for the rest of 2019. Follow him on Instagram @nyc.yano

Follow Bizzy at @bizzybeebbp and Teddy at @iamteddygrahams77

Check the track below, follow Yano and stay tuned for the release on Itunes and all digital retail stores.

Live on the Live 365 App (Click to Listen) and On Our Website Below (1).png
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