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Meko Sky gives Thanks in his latest project Thx 4 Listening

Some people asked where is Meko Sky since the closing of the illustrious radio station of WVMR. Since September of 2018 he has been under the radar cooking something we would never expect. During his last shows of Loud Silence Radio Meko informed us that when he comes back you will see a different side of him. The recent project he put out shows us hes a man of his word.

I normally do not compare independent artists to their colleagues but Meko went from his laid back yet meaningful music to a more direct / philosophical approach the flow in some of his songs reminds you of Zeyi mixed with J.Cole when you listen to his words. The project is an experiment of Meko's musical talent and we are definitely enjoying it.

Thx 4 Listening was not a very feature heavy compilation with ten tracks there are features from Hookz Murdock, Nequasia and of course his brother Quest who is also a rapper. I hear alot of emotion coming out of Meko in the first track Sorry where he apologizes to his fans for being gone for so long.

Our favorites come from Lost Souls, Road , and Sorry. Lets start with Road , the flow has a boombap feel mixed with a tunnel vision type of feel. This should be his first single the chemistry between Hookz Murdock and Meko Sky is chismit. They have had chemistry leading back to before the Loud Silence Cypher two years ago. When they are together there are forever bars, the song currently is one of the bests I have seen from the Bronx MC.

Lost Souls reminds me of my own life where no matter what the stumbles we still getting through, and to hold our head up in order to keep going.

Club Atlantis however surprised me it not only brought out the eerie sounds of the Weeknd in this project but it also brought a side of his brother Quest that we never saw before. The track showed that both artists have diversified in their craft within the last year. The flow and the rhythm makes you want to go to Club Atlantis for that one night. Have they become the new bedroom bullies?

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