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Scorpio P. Engages us with his Directors Notes

Coming off the success of his EP Street Food Scorpio P. takes to the studio and combines his love for the theater and his love for music giving us his debut project Directors Notes.

The project dedicated to his mentor Tim who passed away from cancer is a testament of his talent and passion for both of the crafts.

The owner and found of the Minefield Theater Group structured the album like a screenplay, each track represents a certain story of his life. With his features reflecting each of the tracks cohesively. From the story of the Hustle in All Day featuring Kony Brooks and Frank Knight to the feel good sounds of kickin' it featuring manager and BBP leader Bizzy Bee each song gave the listeners a vibe that leaves a ever lasting impression.

However, the track that stood out the most to us was Wings pt 2 featuring Jay -El aka Jarrel Lynch of The Label Noir. Both being under the Tutiledge of Tim they both collaborated in combining their talents and tributing the man that gave them the motivation and the lessons they sought in life. This song was their tribute to him as they both have admitted to knowing him was an intricate part of their lives and they are who they are because of him. Its truly touching to see someone honored the way they honor him.

The project is definitely something that should be listened to. Stream it on all digital platforms and follow Scorpio P. on instagram @mrphilliams

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