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Inside All That Glitters By David Ralik Hopper

When watching this movie think of this quote and ask what it means to you All That Glitters isn't Gold .

Following the success of his book Moment's Writing , Thoughts of a 2x Felon David Ralik Hopper unvails the next of his masterpieces a short film called All That Glitters . The film starring newcomer Joshua Luke and the star studded cast of Omar Gooding Jr, Toni Vitale , Omar Salgado, Jahseem Clark and more . Without giving the plot away the story Produced by Maph Creations Rockview ENT and team is about two brothers living life on the street after their mother passes away. Picture Paid in Full with a mix of Boyz in the Hood and Scarface with the acting of Ms Toni Vitale as the head of the mob.

The film was very fast paced, from the opening scene we see the direction that the two brothers Moe and Curly will take through the movie. The energy between Luke and Clark is magnifying how they were easily able to play off each other through each scene. Our favorite was the arrangement of the funeral for their mom and the auntie who used to be in the streets spot the two young gentlemen having a taste of the life by how they paid for the funeral.

The movie that was four years in the making had us in our seats through the entire 20 minute event , we wish there could have been more context and little more storyline for us to become more involved in certain scenes. But overall it was a good watch, as they said All That Glitters isn't Gold.

The premiere itself was a star studded event at the Harlem Comedy Club last Tuesday the 6th in which it included a panel discussion on the movie and everyone's experience during the filming. We were moved as Hopper's son spoke on his fathers dedication not only to his family after coming out of jail but to his career and his passion. When they hugged we took out all the tissues for this.

Photos via @rawrrzonenyc and @tonyvitaleproductions on Instagram

Stay tuned for our Rawrrzone Recap of the event and the BTS Interviews on Youtube


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