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Inside Saturn's Portal with Ronin

The merry band of misfits known as Ronin is looking to bring the heat this fall season. Following the success of their self titled album Ronin which hit #23 on the Billboard with the success of their single Temptress. Ronin is looking to continue the success with the release of Saturn's Portal .

Saturn's Portal is a very interesting track bringing us back paying homage to the early 90's rock bands. The song brings us back to the times of Black Sabbath and Metallica while adding their own twist to it. The instrumentals at the end was well placed giving a strong ending to the song, the song is clear in its meaning where you understand what the band is feeling and are at the moment. The vocals were reminiscent to one of James Hetfield and it continued to bring the essence of rock as we knew it. The drummer went off during the piece and it caught our attention.

Saturn's portal is the lead single to Ronin's next album Valak The Defiler . Make sure you pre order it off their website

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