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Inside the Rawrrzone - KNoWTe - When Life Hits You Preview

Jersey City, NJ Based alternative Hip-Hop artist is at it again. With that we are on the road to the release of his latest single When Life Hits You . Shoutout to MLM Entertainment for allowing us to hear the single before it drops. This release is very important to the artist known as KNoWTe; according to his Instagram the release of the single means a lot to him. He had a year of reflection and self improvement the single When Life Hits You is a testament of that reflection.

Coming off the adrenaline from the release of his most successful rock inspired single Unchecked, The alternative hip hop artist writes on his Instagram to his fans that he is determined to come out of it that he will fight with everything he got till the end.

Lets start with the cover art, KNoWTe gives us a very anime / Mortal Kombat fatality vibe, with the skull getting punched out of his skin. Giving us a view of what we have to expect from the song, It also is the perfect representation of the title because there is no greater pain than when life hits you unexpectedly. The start of the track has someone narrating in a computerized way.

What should you expect from listening to this song? Expect being able to master being a lyricist while bringing elements of horrorcore and other alternative genres. You visualize running away from life's problems trying to find a solution when you feel like there is no hope left and you need to overcome all the obstacles. The song symbolizes a new beginning for KNoWTe.

The single is set to release on October 27th on all digital streaming platforms, make sure you follow him here


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