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Lazaris The Top Don reps his Latino Heritage in Somo Latino

With his roots tracing back to Cuban / Puerto Rican decent South Bronx's own Lazaro Rafael Martinez aka Lazaris the Top Don steps up and reminds us the about the importance of Latino culture not only in hip-hop but in music as a whole. The integration of Spanish music in our culture had started as early as the 1940's with the creation of the sub genres of Chicano rock, Newyorican Rap and Chicano rap. As time passed legends such as Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez , and Ricky Martin took over the Pop markets as Mellowman Ace, Fat Joe, Big Pun. and DJ Cool Herc in todays era Spanish Hip-Hop has been taken by a storm with artists such as Cardi B. , Daddy. Yankee, Bad Bunny to say the least.

With amazing contributions to the music of our generation they get little recognition. The conversation about music does not always include the Latin community and Lazarus is taking that step to keep the conversation moving.

Starting the track with Soundboy Cartagena we automatically get vibes resembling one of Don Omar's songs. The track is a fusion of reggaeton and Hip Hop calling out to everyone to stand up and represent the culture, he calls for a message to revitalise the culture of Spanish music in hip-hop. The song is also a testament to the artists to keep going in a culture that does not worldly accept and recognise them. As a lover and fan of Latino culture we love when music like this comes our way.

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