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Rawrrzone Picks - Lucious 2am

To the ladies around the world and the fans in the stadium seats, 2024 has unveiled a distinct side of Lucious. His first single in three years is tailored for the grown and sexy. "2am" brings out the inner freak on those cold nights. The flow complements and enhances the energy he projects to his audience, while the lyrics provide a glimpse into the effort he and S-Rock invested in creating the track. This release showcases the more mature side of Lucious, a departure from the vibe he presented in his 2021 single, "Hold You." Tell us what do you think of late at night

This track marks the long-awaited return of the Regulator of RNB after his hiatus in 2021. While his devoted fan base may find themselves in uncharted sonic territory, the Regulator of RNB demonstrates glimpses of potential greatness. With a touch of refinement and a steadfast commitment to consistency, Lucious unveils a promising trajectory, carving out a new lane where he can truly shine.

The track is available for purchase here


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