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Shane Rennison shares new song + live shows

Prepare to be captivated as singer-songwriter Shane Rennison releases his latest indie pop/rock single, "What You Need To Know". Known for infusing his music with genuine soulfulness and heartfelt lyrics, Rennison continues to mesmerize audiences with his latest offering.

The song explores themes of growth and self-discovery, offering a powerful message wrapped in infectious rhythms and soul-stirring lyrics.

"This song as a whole is about meeting someone who is self-absorbed and used to getting everything they want based on their looks," shares Rennison, shedding light on the inspiration behind the track. "It's about telling them what they need to know in order to grow emotionally and avoid the pitfalls of being self-absorbed long-term."

If you like the song, you might want to come and check Shane Rennison play live at one of the following venues:

4/6: Live at Hook & Reel - Middletown

4/12: Live at Tango Café

4/19: Live at Seminary Hill

4/26: Live at Pizza E Birra

4/27: Live at The Dale

5/10: Live at Tango Café

5/17: Live at Seminary Hill

6/7: Live at Bashakill Vineyards

6/14: Live at Tango Café

6/23: Live at West Kill Brewing

7/12: Live at Bashakill Vineyards


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