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Thot Boy's Teddy Grahams releases 1Thing4Sure

Ask and you shall receive Mr. Grahams, you might see him with the thot boys promoting their latest single Back it Up. Little do many know Teddy Grahams of Icmg/2 Deep has his EP out titled One Thing For Sure .

One thing for sure, when you listen to Teddy Grahams voice in parts of the compilation you can tell he has a Weeknd vibe, making the women want to drop their panties everytime he opens his mouth to sing.

When Teddy Grahams gets on the mic, he has such an impressive word flow. Not only does he have the ability to sing, and have an R&B flow. He has the gift of versatility in which he can switch it up and spit the bars needed to convey his point, making him one of the best lyricists in the indie scene.

Features in this album include ICMG / 2Deep members Kony Brooks and Diipps, Th3 Saga and Tierra G. What more impressive of this album, not only did Teddy write most of the music but the majority of the tracks were produced by him and Rel one.

Our Rawrr Picks off this album include:

- Your King feat Diipps

- WTW - ( Whats the Word) featuring Kony Brooks

- Jordans and Snapbacks (feat Tierra G & Th3 Saga)

This album in our opinion will be up for Best Compilation for the 2018 Voiceless Music Awards. If we had a Rawrr awards we would definitely put this on the top of our list. We are not sure what the world has yet to expect from Teddy Grahams. But if he can put some fire like this out. He will take this industry out by a storm.

You can download the album from Itunes, and all digital retailers.

As well as it can be streamed off soundcloud.

Ig: iamteddygrahams77

Teddy Grahams will discuss this album on June 12th on Monday Night Rawrr at 10pm

Dont forget, follow us on Ig / Twitter / FB @mnrawrrwvmr to get updates and more.

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