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Meet Rising Artist Prettyboy D-O

Hailing from Port Harcourt, Prettyboy D-O is the next major export from Nigeria. As a duel Nigerian /US Citizen, Prettyboy D-O was exposed to a global culture from a young age.

Drawing early inspiration from artists like Craig David, Fela Kuti, Travis Scott and Naeto C. Prettyboy D-O dropped out to focus on music while studying Pre-Med at The University of Rochester.

This was the point where his parents decided to cut him off financially. Prettyboy D-O represents a very important figure in Nigerian youth culture; he’s the outlaw, the rebel with a cause.

As the son of a decorated Nigerian military man, he understands the traditions and way of life of back home, but he chooses to fight for a generation of African Youth to feel free to express themselves and tell their own stories.

The artist is a "SHARP SHOOTER" in his latest single release - for our ears' greatest pleasure!


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