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Meet our Rawrr Picks June DJ - Jessica B Live

Jessica B at the Rockview Ent Friday Night Mics

Our first official Rawrr Picks DJ is quite a talented woman. Not only that she makes strides for female empowerment everywhere. Known as Jessica B Live, Miss Jessica Marie was the first female DJ to be part of the Deans List Tour hosted by Mor Bookings / Mor Value, she is the first woman to be a DJ on WVMR. A writer for Pretti Monee Inc. A public relations website hosted by Talk 2 Me own Priya Williams to help women find empowerment. She is also just an amazing person overall. After meeting her and working with her the last few weeks Jessica B Live is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet and the world is blessed to have her talent and warm heart displayed to the world.

Not only does she do all this she has her own clothing brand, as well as she has her own show on WVMR the Jessica B Live show on WVMR Friday Nights

Rawrr got in depth with Jessica B and we got to find out more about our June DJ!

1) Where did the name Jessica B Live come from?

I was given the name and bought JBL headphones. All my mixes are live never premixed.

2) How long have you been a DJ?

I have been DJing since 2012

3) What inspired you to be a DJ?

My uncles are DJ's, shoutout to Conquest Heights Entertainment. Looking at them inspired me to become a Dj.

4) How does it feel to be the first female dj to spin the Deans List Tour?

It felt amazing. I wish I could relive that moment.

5) Tell us about the Jessica Marie Studio that is your first clothing brand?

Jessica Marie Studio came before I started Djing it was a way for me to get my name out there. It is still around

It is still around you can find it at

6) Tell us about your association to the the Pretti Monee Blog ?

I have done write-ups for various empowering female artists.

7) What is your favorite part of being a DJ ?

My favorite part is seeing people's reactions to the songs I play and their reaction when I start dancing with them. I also love going to different venues. My favorite places to DJ are restaurants because they include food and drinks. I also love connecting with other Djs and getting free music.

8) How did you pair up with Werds of Art Photography ? You guys are known to be that media house in this industry.

I met David Anthony on the Deans List tour where he was the photographer. He took great photos of my hands and I am not a fan of my hands. I have been hooked ever since.

9) How do you feel about your DJ Nomination for the voiceless music awards?

I was shocked. I never thought I was good enough to be nominated so I was excited for this.

10) What is next for Jessica B live?

Next, I plan on doing my own events and getting more exposure. I want to eventually run the next level of WVMR and possibly signing to Rockview Ent.

11) Where can we find your mixes?

Follow her on Ig and twitter @jessicablive

Tune in Fridays 10pm-12am for her show on

Live on the Live 365 App (Click to Listen) and On Our Website Below (1).png
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