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The Hero of the Indiestry emerges for the Adventures of Hookz Murdock

This had to have been the most anticipated album of 2017 here in the underground. Former Deanslist Years 2 performer Matt Martinez or known as the infamous Hookz Murdock has been preparing this album for a long time. From the many interviews he did on WVMR and the performances he put on various stages you know from what he can do on the mic, that when this legendary album came out it was going to be epic.

The concept of the album of course is one of a comic / adventure nature. With Hookz being the heroine going through the many stages of the comic, many of his songs are named after iconic superhero figures such as Tony Stark, Hal Jordan, Elektra, Black Widow and more. With that with each character he had an amazing collaboration which included Sheena , Butta Cool, Rich Ryan, Zeyi and so much more talk about jam packed!

The energy off the album is crazy one minute you hear something with an old school beat that you can bump to such as Hal Jordan, then listen to something laid back as Flight feat Zeyi by the way they can both be baby daddy with that collaboration. You listen to this album and honestly you don't know what you can get from listening to it. Of course our favorites here :

Hal Jordan - Hal Jordan has always been Katie's favorite ever since he performed it for Rawrr last May but when she saw Hookz perform it with Frank Knight Butta Cool and Chosen King it just was a final blow. That is always going to be one of his most unforgettable songs between his display and his word play you can not not want to sing along with this song.

Black Widow - Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me , fool me three times Here he talks about the Black Widow in his life who played and how he reflects on it, how he realizes he could not call it love.

Elektra / So High feat Sheena - My favorite part was the beginning with the old school narration and the smooth beat following. He brings out the character of Elektra through Ms. Shenna herself that maybe if they cant save the world if she can save him. I will not lie , the inner nerd inside of me is in love with the metaphors and symbolism that he uses to describe the sexual passion between Murdock and Elektra. He wants to get lost in the sounds of Elektra.

Stream The Adventures of ... from Hookz Murdock on all digital streaming services everywhere.

Follow Hookz Murdock at @hookzmurdock

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