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After a long hiatus from the music industry, Phil Williams known to many as Scorpio P. releases his long awaited EP #Streetfood. The artist under Bizzy Bee productions made the EP a transformation timeline of his music career.

The listening event took place November 8th, 2017 at The Tank NYC. The location holding a special place to Scorpio P. is the home to which he has put numerous productions with his group the Minefield Theater Group. The event was small and intimate gathering of his biggest supporters which included Jazmin Marerro, manager Bizzy Bee, Scott Morris, Asia Golden, Channelle Scott of the Daily Talk with Cool Chellz, Live Johnson and more. The listening party was more of a discussion style listen, Scorpio played each one of the six songs from the EP and between each song there was a discussion of our thoughts on each song.

The cupcakes that were provided during the event was catered by his sister Chrissy Williams. Follow her work at @chef_chrissy_williams

The EP a six part compilation is a timeline depicting his final stance as an artist before his hiatus to the artist he is right now. As stated in a previous interview the entire compilation is a personal project for Scorpio P. in which each song held a certain part of him but the song Constellation Blues which premiered on Monday Night Rawrr October 16th was his most personal piece to date. As he stated previously "I personally feel as if Constellation Blues is not only my best piece of writing I've ever created, its also my most personal. The song isn't Scorpio P,'s writing: rather it's who Phil Williams is in the purest sense." With that we see the many different sides and messages that he presents with this project. Here are our favorites here on Rawrr.

1) One for the Ages - The most surprising tracks for us, this was the start of what Scorpio P. is. The song different from his current persona has a Ruff Ryder's / DMX feel. This stood out to me the most because this is not Scorpio P. signature sound that he has promoted. But this song made this even more memorable for me because he had him sound like his music and he will go down with the ages which I believe he will. My favorite line is Dark fantasies got me feeling like an asshole , call me doctor Phil on certain occasions this is not a rhyme this is a dissertation. This was unlike what I ever heard and he took the most rawest form of hip-hop and brought it back to life.

2) Constellation Blues - Of course after premiering Constellation Blues on my show it became one of my favorites not only because it was premiered on my show but the meaning behind it. Loved by many since its release, the song Constellation blues became an anthem of what many artists currently feel as they go through their journey whether it is through depression and doubt, working with the wrong people etc. Scorpio P. was not a stranger to these feelings and he depicted it through a ballad. As stated earlier this was his most personal and raw piece has ever written. As a person and someone close to him it was an honor to be able to premiere it and to be able to feel the raw emotion put while hearing this song.

3) Black Magic - I can depict and decipher the entire project because it is one of my favorites for 2017. But that would be giving away the goodies for you when you should download it regardless. Black Magic was premiered following the Inauguration of President Orange Cheeto himself Donald Trump. This was a statement following the Black Lives Matter movement showing they stand allied despite the negligence posed by the new president. Showing the beauty that is the black person, that they belong no matter what. I personally love it because it hits home, to see everyday people are segregated based on their color, and it isnt fair. We should treat each other equally and Scorpio P. presents this in a way that you can really appreciate it.

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