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Album Alert - Bryan Joon

With the strike of 12 on his birthday Bryan Joon released his self entitled album which took the entire indiestry by a storm. The young artist with the 90's R&B voice with a heart to match wowed us with the album that took a long time to complete.

Bryan Joon is one of the most talented artists I have ever met with a Sam Smith meets Bryan McKnight type of voice. The album released a month ago February 24th was the compilation had 12 amazing songs and you can understand the motions of love and life. As he described in his interview on Monday Night Rawrr the project was his evolution of sorts. Everything Bryan does he does with such love, conviction, and dedication that you cant help but fall in love with what he does.

What we love about this album is that it will make you think of a person that does have your heart without a doubt. Whether he / she is in your heart for good reasons or bad they are just there and each song gives you a different scenario of what each song brings to you.

Our favorite songs must include Pretend, Name, and Empire.

When talking about Pretend we think about the friend that we wish we can be with and that person should stop playing. That just because your someones close friend sometimes you do not have to play pretend.

Name brings you that feeling that you get when you first meet that special person and you just want to know their name and everything about them. That feeling you look across the room and get that love at first sight type of feel.

Empire talks about life when things dont work out, when that person was not who you had expect. What really stood out to me the most was the beat, more fast paced than the others it also has a different tone that set this song different from the rest. It was the perfect song to close the album, making his stance as an independent holding himself in his empire.

If you haven't picked up this album you should or your a #DUB

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