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Feel No Way has been Powerhoused in this Latest Remix with members of So Phenomenal Entertainment an

At the stroke of 12 this morning the indie scene received the shock of a lifetime a collaboration that was perceived to be impossible. Live Johnson , Oz the Great, Kony Brooks, and Ray Fame have come together and put the Feel No Way Remix for the world to know they Feel No Way. Move over peasants the titans of New York are ready to attack and take no prisoners.

It is a rare occasion when you see lyricists of different calibers come together for such a project. With each others strengths this was a product of ultimate success. What is so amazing about this collaboration each member of this collaboration was working together and getting close with each other in the process to help each other promote and of course ensure the success of this project. They not only individuals but they represent what the independent scene should be doing, push each other to strive as well as celebrate the great music that is put out by each and every one of these amazing artists.

Take a listen to this mighty collaboration right here

Make sure to catch Live Johnson at Friday Night Mics hosted by Rockview Entertainment this Friday Night amongst many talented acts .

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