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With a Voiceless music award for Best Freestyle on Wax with label mate and manager Phenom of SoPhenomenal Entertainment and a hit with his verse on the Feel No Way Remix Orlando Ortiz or commonly known as Oz has started to make a name for himself in the INDIEstry as he is showing that he will take no prisoners and he will make a stance using his music. His latest single my people that released April 7th is just the beginning of what he has in store for us. As a member of SPE since 2011 he has developed his style of music and has made his music relatable not only to himself but to everyone that likes to be outside of the box. Although he has taken a hiatus for some time to work behind the scenes of the label, know he was never invisible and he is an intricate member of the powerhouse that is So Phenomenal Entertainment. He is the definition of Be True, Be You , Be So Phenomenal.

Many of his singles of course has been put in the SPE vault but his singles such as Oh My Darling, Keep Em Guessing, Her Body and even his collaboration with Grizelle Rodriguez and Phenom shows his versatile style and his advance lyricism. Many have recognized him from the Feel No Way Remix but he was a titan in his own right way before this remix ever came out and it is time that people got to know about him.

1) Tell us where you got the name Oz from?

The name Oz is actually my full name shortened, The first letter of my First name and the last letter of my last name.

2) Tell us about your journey into music?

I come from an old school Puerto Rican Family which raised me listening to classic spanish music, Hector Lavoe, Selena, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Jerry Rivera, Celia Cruz, i wasn't introduced to English music till I was about 12 years old, as i recall the first Hip Hop Track i ever memorized was In da Club by 50 cent. Since then i have gained such a love for Hip hop, rap, and word play. Shortly after, i got into Eminem and Lil Wayne or anything lyrical

3) How would you describe yourself artistically?

If I am not having fun writing or creating content then I am more than likely not gonna do it. Udo this music thing not because it pays, but because I enjoy creating and having others see the world from my perspective.

4) How do you stand apart from your fellow artists?

For one, I never got into music to party, I saw it as a way to not only reach the masses but teach them, ultimately i want to build a platform in which I will use to spread the proper information to where it needs to be. iIthink that is what we lack in todays day and age.

5) Why did you take a hiatus ?

I took a public hiatus, but behind the scenes I have been working hard on my craft, building relationships and networks as well as adding accolades to my resume.

6) How do you feel about working with Phenom? How has he helped you through your journey as an artist?

Working with the bossman has been such a blessing. He is the backbone to the company we run together, he is also a well respected individual within not only the Indie scene but on an International level. He has placed me in situations that i would have never been able to do myself, I have always told him that he places me in the right place at the right time. I am honored to work and be signed to him and SPE. His work ethic, integrity of character and the way he has an ear for sounds is top notch. He places all the pieces in my hands, i just need to put them together and close the gap.

7) How do you feel headlining your first event, let alone a Daze Summit Stage?

I've never thought of it this way. yes i'm headlining an event and it feels amazing, it really does, especially it being a NYC event, especially it being Daze summit, but i'm used to playing the admin role, its a blessing to be able to play admin and artist, but it feels better this year coming out as solely an artist.

8) Tell us about my people ?

My people is one of my most recently written and recorded tracks. It incorporates both of the cultures and languages I speak and practice, being Puerto Rican as well as being an American (Spanish and English). I had too much fun writing it, but i really enjoyed the process.

9) What caused the shift in direction in your music from your older tracks until now?

For the most part it was pretty discouraging writing music trying to enlighten people and nobody would really listen. My music at the time was too lyrical, there were to many metaphors and I was too political, Phenom has shown me how to get a message across while being a bit more commercial and it has helped me tremendously.

10) How did you get involved in the Feel No Way Remix by Live Johnson? How do you feel about all the attention you have been receiving from your fellow peers? How did Phenom feel when the final project came out?

I have worked with Live Johnson in the past in terms of graphics but when i heard Feel no way, i asked him was he gonna do a remix and if he was then i wanted to be apart of that. what most people don't know is I had my part written way before he even sent me the beat. Sometimes I work on projects just because I like them that much, by the time i sent him my part, he informed me that Kony and Ray were gonna be on it and since i already sent in my part I honestly was a bit worried that i would have to re-write my verse. The attention i have been receiving from it has been a blessing and hearing whispers of me having the best verse is humbling. Phenom secretly expected that reaction, not the part of having the best verse but the part where people would talk so when I started receiving feedback he literally said, you see why i call you SPE's secret weapon. i have to proud of this but I also cant lose focus on the next goal.

11) What is your support system like? How have your friends and family liked your musical journey and current product?

The friends i keep know nothing much about my music, i mean they have heard it but I've been friends with these people since 6th grade. They help me step away from the music. I appreciate them for that reason. In terms of family, my whole family loves what i'm doing and they for the most part come out to every show.

12) What is next for Oz?

I have a few singles lined up to be released, a video for Her body that i'm currently working on, and a cypher, other than that anything else I create is going in the SPE vault.

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