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Catch the Vibe this summer with All Hail The King

At the stroke of midnight on May 31st Kony Brooks released his anticipated album All Hail The King. The thirteen track compilation is the start of the revival of hip-hop. Kony is by far one of the artist that have led the movement for the renaissance of the essence of Hip Hop.

What is interesting and amazing about Kony is that although he has kept up the thot boy persona with his fellow label mates he has been able to do what many artist in today's underground scene could not..... Show his real self.

The album bringing ties all elements that is Kony the storyteller, the thot, and the person. He has allowed himself to tell his story through a variety of different beats and elements making it memorable for those who listen to it. Not only are his beats unique so are his features, alongside him featured on the album are label mates Teddy Grahams and JR Just Real but there was a surprise as the illustrious Pretty Girl First appears on the album in the hit Got em too which depicts not only the thot side of the male brain but shows that females can thot along just as much. Not only has he stood toe to toe in this case showing that women can be equally guilty but she has lyrically stood toe to toe with the King of New York himself something no man or women has ever been able to do; can you imagine what a performance between the two would look like.

The other feature with label mate Teddy Grahams is a fast pace Thot Boy banger in We Ballers talking about shooting their shot with the their latest conquest but the execution of the beat is a unique one it gives in a way such as an old school trumpet giving an interlude to the wow factor that is Kony and Teddy .This is not the first time the two label mates have collaborated on a track, however everytime they collaborate on a track or project they always set the bar higher and higher for artists everywhere.

One of the most memorable tracks inspired by Biggie Smalls own Dreams had the King of New York stand out from the rest of the artists. Indiestry freak is the depiction of what everyone does when they are talking in the locker room or sauna , yes ladies you know you gossip about guys too and who you would want to do the dirty deed with. Kony has taken his locker room talk and brought it too the next level where he has aired his words and is not afraid to say what he thinks. Included in this locker room talk is former Rawrr guests Asia Golden and Lia Givenchy and more. He makes you think about who you would fantasize about as well. How many of you have had thoughts about someone you work with and the fantasy keeps you going.

Although his songs catch this vibe, airplane mode and Rough featuring New York's own Mickey Factz has been catchy and you want to bump to it. You have two memorable songs that touch not only your heart but the core of your soul. The first being Make it On My Own featuring label mate JR Just Real the song as Kony states was the one song he had the most time with. Depicting his life tale of contemplation of contemplation of suicide, the loss of a child, his relationship with his mother and more makes you cry when you hear it because you understand. Coming from a background such as my own I have cried and sang to JR part every time it plays. We all want someone to be proud of us as much as we want to be proud of ourselves we want the validation although it isnt necessary. For the first time we have seen and heard the real Kony Brooks which is amazing.

Three fifths is a powerful statement the closing record of the album talking about equality or lack there of in today's society as well as how life has been difficult with the current agent orange in charge (president) has expanded on racism and has branded ignorance in the highest form. That no matter how well he does he is still three fifths.

Without giving the rest of the album away you must know this is Konys best project to date and with that you must stream and buy the album on all digital retailers everywhere.

Dont believe me follow @konybrooks on all social media platforms and see the magic for your self

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