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Kony Brooks looks to End the Hate in Three Fifths Video

Its a little deeper than rap as Kony Brooks stated on his now live its all about meaning within the lyrics in his latest visual directed by Teddy Grahams and TrizzEyeView

When artists come to you to help bring their stories and visions to a positive light it is truly an honor. Their voices are silenced on a day to day basis by negativity of the INDIEstry and the societal pressures bestowed upon us, many artists are scared to speak their truth, except for one. In the duration of time that I know him Kony has always looked to teach us something through his words and his actions. If you personally know Kony Brooks he seriously cares about people and the community around him. As a program director in the school he works for he constantly looks for the well-being and look to guide the children that are in his program, while giving his whole self in his music.

His video for Three Fifths continues to show us a special message, with the events surrounding Nipsey Hustle's death we must start to be mutually mindful of each other and stop the hate.The video starts and ends with Kony , Scorpio P. and a young gentleman being pressed up against the wall by cops. One of the cops were played by singer songstress Julz.Kony tells us a story the day to day story we see everyday of the segregation and the racism not only within our culture but with community. Young men struggling to make ends meat by stealing and hustling, while there are some with their day to day jobs trying to live their lives as uncomplicated as possible. Kony plays the guidance counselor to the young boy hustling in the streets trying to steer him in the right directions so he does not end up like many others that have came before them. With cameos by Scorpio P. and Ray Fame the other scene shows the hardworking black man trying to make ends meet and still getting short changed with Kony being the words of wisdom to keep pushing and fighting.

After watching this video i contemplate the following questions, why are we hating each other, why does it take someone to die or to get arrested to make a statement.

Why are we screaming free our brothers after they are gone but they were talking shit when they were walking with us. We are supposed to love each other and be a community. Why cant we stop the hate and violence, we are killing our own kind we are killing others. Kony is showing us we should fight through the hate. This video is one of my favorite videos from him and I am honored to have had the chance to see this and give my thoughts as he releases this to the world.

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