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Rawrrzone Interviews Signature Art Series

With the PG -13 concert happening tomorrow, the stirr has been going crazy. It is the first time in our career where we saw someone put an entire production of teenagers and the younger generation and helping to develop the culture. Giving the future a chance to do something and mentor them in ways we did not have growing up. While we will be there capturing the moments as Katie Kay Photography we also had to do a little of our thing by having a interview with the man in charge Suplex Sparrow and Iquell Reina

1) Tell us a little about yourselves, how did you become partners for this event?

Sparrow - Ique and I have worked together in the past on another kid event .As a partner for that event he was so involved . He was there to map out the theme of the event , he invested time into making sure we had all the elements to make it the best presentation possible for the youth . He even flew in early from Florida to New York to help us set up the venue . We had it prepared before doors open . I knew that if we wanted to replicate what we did in the past , Ique is the best person to partner with . He is selfless and want to provide the best experience possible to the young performers .

2) Why is this event important to both of you ? What is your goal for this PG 13 concert?

Sparrow - For me it’s the fact that I know that NYC lacks legit platforms for young people to showcase their talents . Even putting this event together was challenging because it’s a one of one . We had to scout and take the risk to lend our vision to teenagers . We don’t know if this will work in our favor . We do know that their aren’t many youth events on this level on the indie circuit . We are creating that bridge . Our goal is to make this an event where we can get eyes on the talent and inspire other promoters to open their door for this type of event .

3) How did you decide who would perform?

Ique- Those are secrets I will never reveal lol . Artist just continue to submit to perform . If you pass the requirements you’ll be selected ...and called .

4) What sets this event apart from other events you have done as artists and as curators?

Ique- This is a targeted teenage event . And it’s a first of its kind for us . All the production elements are the same so is the promotional elements of the event .

5) Tell us about the theme of the concert?

Sparrow- The title is called #ThePG13concert. It stems from movie ratings that suggest a film is child friendly but also contains parent suggested edginess . This event is not like Dream Street . That was a child-friendly event . That was a Disney movie . the PG-13 concert is more edgier . It’s a Action Movie . Parental discretion is advised.

6) Tell us how does it feel to be one of the few entities putting on a production for the children in our so called "indiestry"?

Ique -The indiestry is a market like any other market . We’re proud to be the one to implement child and teen friendly events into it . We’re just serving our purpose.

7) What do you feel we are lacking in today's society as mentors , friends , aids to our youth?

Sparrow - I think people in position are lacking transparency. We all want to be celebrated and adored . But we don’t want to pay that blessing forward and pass it on . Actions speak louder than words and some people can say that and do a good job of selling that . But when it gets down to the fourth wall do that really mean what they say . Are they being transparent with others . And more importantly themselves.

8) What do you wish we can do for these children that we did not have done for ourselves?

Ique - Give them an honest presentation for themselves. For this show we are not charging them . We are not promising that we are changing their lives and “putting them on” . What we have is a platform that we can promote them consistently and make them look as good as possible to their audience .

9) What should we expect from the PG-13 Concert?

Sparrow - Value and some dope ass young talent . An experience.

10) What advice do you have for these kids as they follow their path to greatness ?

Sparrow - Stick to their Script and never be afraid to fail .

Ique- put god in all you do and keep prayer in your routine .

Follow them on instagram @signatureseries and make sure you pop out to the PG-13 concert tomorrow ! The young kids are a force to be reckoned with.

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