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Get Money Filmz Presents Unfinished Business Web Series

Get Money Filmz presents a new web series titled “Unfinished Business” which features an elite selection of Philadelphia‘s hottest new talent. The web series, set to release in March of this year, depicts the tainted Philadelphia Police Department.

“Unfinished Business” trails behind two corrupted drug unit detectives who are looking to score instead of honoring their badge to protect and serve the community in which drug dealers are known to terrorize. Murder, sex, drugs, and dead presidents are all part of the game as these two detectives extort the block…Stay tuned.

“Unfinished Business” was created by Michael Braxton who hails from the city of brotherly love. See below to connect and for more info.

Live on the Live 365 App (Click to Listen) and On Our Website Below (1).png
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