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Credle and Moonsky drops visual for Wxlf Pack

After two and a half years on a journey, Credle finally comes full circle with his Wxlf Pack in his latest visual masterpiece. While it is not the original version that graced our Rawrrzone picks in 2023, we are particularly delighted to witness this rendition featuring Moonsky and Deveye. It marks the first time in quite a while that we've seen someone on an independent level assemble something as masterful as this. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Michael Jackson, director Damon "Abwon" Clindinin takes "Thriller" and propels it into the modern era with his own cinematic twist. The 8-minute piece not only showcases the talent of Credle, Moonsky, and Deveye but also credits and highlights every aspect of the production, from the makeup artistry by Chasity Pierna (@chazsfx) to the harmonies sung by Dia Rose, Moonsky, Broadway Barksdale, Slyde Bonez, J Del, Tahjai Emir, Serious Slee, and the choreography by Nia Imani and Jelly Ma. The direction is crystal clear from the outset, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

Regarding the lyricism and dynamics of the new version of the song, the trio of Credle, Moonsky, and Deveye elevate the vision of the musical film and deepen the meaning behind the song. In particular, Moonsky's delivery is powerful, akin to a beast unleashed, while Deveye brings a different vibe that harmoniously balances the energy among the three. Moonsky continues to not only evolve as an artist but also imbues power into whoever she collaborates with. The passion within her is palpable as she effortlessly drops bars and harmonizes.

But enough from me, experience the film yourself above.

Should Wxlf Pack feat Moonsky and Deveye be featured on our Rawrrzone Picks

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