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"Dirt And Debauchery" Frankie Budson

Love ballads, back road anthems and country/pop/hip hop influenced beats bring together the flavor of "Dirt and Debauchery"!

With perfect timing for the upcoming summer season, Frankie Budson releases “Dirt and Debauchery”. The back road country, hip hop vibe is all you're missing from this summers drag races or bonfires! Day or night "Dirt and Debauchery" has an anthem fit for summer fun. Lets get into the details of this priceless 10 track album.

Guitar licks paired by new age hip hop drums dub music producer's MuiseMusic (Frankie Budson producer alias), DUB3030, City Chief the Kings of the genre!

As previously mentioned you may be surprised how much “FLAVOR” this album has and we're not just talking about BBQ sauce and ranch dressing! Also don't forget to check out the Scally Gang merchandise label. Commit to the Hustle, Live for the Grind, Lead by Example! If that sounds like a movement you can support, click here.


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