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Documentary: The UMC's: Staten Island's Forgotten Sons (Trailer)

Kool Kim and Haas G of The UMC's along with Dream Different Media and Boo and Sarah Hartman Evans present the official trailer to the upcoming documentary "The UMC's: Staten Island's Forgotten Sons."

The trailer shows snippets highlighting the group's emergence into music and into Hip Hop. They were noted as the first rap group out of Staten Island, the first rap group out of Staten Island to appear and perform on Soultrain, and the first rap group out of Staten Island to chart on Billboard with two No. 1 hits. The trailer also shows Kanye West and speaking on the influential impact the group had on their careers and in Hip Hop, past and present. Viewers will also see the iconic 'Fruits of Nature' poster-size album cover on the set of Martin! Watch the trailer and stay tuned for the full documentary of "The UMC's" Staten Island's Forgotten Sons."

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