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Harlem has turned into Audiocity as Rayne Storm drops latest project.

2.22.22 must be a lucky day because we have heard nothing but fire in Rayne Storm's latest project Audiocity. The Harlem native released a 20 track LP showcasing his talents as a producer , engineer, and artist. What stands out about this project is the unique production style by Temper Music, Legion Beats, Anno Domini Nation, Jupitxr Sounds, Kelly Grinz & Rayne Storm. The production complimented Rayne's aggressive lyricism with mix of boombap and modern beats.

The songs that caught our attention were Dogecoin (Run It Up) , Revenge featuring Jarren Benton and Kony Brooks, as well as Dirty 30. All of these tracks illustrated different sides to the musical jack of all trades, But it also set a balance between old school and new school with the sounds off Harlem coming through in certain tracks. Revenge featuring Jarren Benton and Kony Brooks motivates people to overcome obstacles and keep your hustle going despite haters and unwelcomed vibes that continue to come our way. Dogecoin gives us that hustle all the time get the money and let it continue to accumulate. Dirty 30 is the classical boombap track, giving us the notions that we losing time and we gotta keep going till we get whats ours.

Stream/Buy the project below

Follow him everywhere @raynestormmusic


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