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Inside The Rawrzone - Hits on Fye

Welcome to our #InsideTheRawrrrzone segment on Atlanta's own Hits on Fye. Hits on Fye is an Atlanta based music corporation offering services for artists and creatives on a large scale. Introduced to us by PR Latisha Wright aka Pretty Montana Hits on Fye has been uniting artists from all over the country with music executives and producers from all over the world by giving everyone a platform to showcase their music while receiving insights from professionals. Rawrrzone has seen that first hand and we have personally been able to bring you some new talent in 2023 that you might not have heard before. Not only do they have their own ties with marketing companies each DJ on the team has made their own stand in music and radio owning some of the top radio stations and creating some of Georgia's biggest tours. The Street Revival Tour set for December 30th will have some of ATL's leading talent, hosted by Pretty Montana.

Services Include

Led by Dj Greg R&B and DJ Chill Will they continue to promote not only independent artists to receive the marketing and brand promotion but they also promote themselves as individual djs with unique sounds. Their latest mixtape Back on The Scale is a culmination of their talents as DJ's and the talent they brought along with them. Part of their #MixtapeMondays Back on the Scale Vol. 1 features a exclusive track from Blood Raw and Future The second mixtape set to drop soon will feature more talent including Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo.

Check out the full mixtape above and check out Hits on Fye on their website


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