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Migs718 Infuses Hip Hop and Rock in latest single Wasted

Not many people can successfully integrate Hip-Hop and Rock together such as greats like Skitz Kraven , Public Enemy and Anthrax, Jay Z and Lincoln Park, Cypress Hill and Pearl Jam. The Staten Island Native Migs718 has taken a step to think beyond the box and blended the two like peanut butter and jelly. Influenced by the greatest of Busta Rhymes, DMX, Eminem, Wu-Tang and method man he was able to not only keep a steady a cadence when performing but hes able to produce a unique energy that goes beyond music. With a formula like that he's been able to reach many heights accumulating millions of streams across multiple platforms.

Snapple Fact: Did you know that Migs is also a DJ, Model , Dancer he's a man of many trades.

Recently the Emcee released his latest single Wasted which is also the title of the events thrown by his record label MLM Entertainment. The track brings back 90's rock vibes taking us back to the old school parties with everyone doing keg stands and everyone living their best life. The visual directed by Jonny Servais and executive produced by MikeLoco Hoffman they brought the song to life giving us POV views of the bottles and everyone enjoying themselves. Listening to the song and linking the audio to the visual we thoroughly enjoyed this song and recommend it to anyone that is a fan of the two genres.

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