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MuffinMan Sports/Best Sunday in a Long time

This Sunday was one of the best days in sports that New York has seen in a long time. The Yankees, The Giants and The Jets all won their respective games. The Giants and Jets both won in overtime and the Yankees at the time one step closer to their wildcard playoffs.

The Giants played the Saints this past Sunday. Though at first things look bad for the Giants, they actually managed to tie the game and take it to over time. The Giants showed a fight in them that we haven't seen in them in a long time. Usually we see them just commit mistake after mistake, but finally we see what they can be when they don't give up.

The Jets look like the same ole Jets in the beginning of the game, but we finally saw the Zach Wilson that we've been waiting for. I do have to admit that it did help that AJ Brown and Julio Jones not playing was a big help. The defense did show life having 7 sacks in the game and not letting Derrek Henry beat them to badly. The biggest highlight for me was Zach waving to Cory Davis to go long and hitting him for a 53 yard touchdown.

The Yankees well you can't say much about them other then they won. They finally did something right and moved one step closer to the playoffs. Though its getting in via wildcard anything less then that would be a disappointing season for them. Hopefully they continue on and take it far into the playoffs to have something to look forward to during these fall months.


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