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Nas Releases MAGIC Over Holiday Weekend

From the intro of the beat, we are reminded of that Illmatic story line flow, on track one titled "Speechless". Nas delivers EXACTLY that! When the verse drops it's safe to say Hip Hop took a breath of fresh air. "Meet Joe Black" supports the momentum as the second track gives even more of that nostalgic flow that we all love so much.

Nas is one of the most under rated hip hop story tellers of our time. Aside from the ongoing competition in hip hop, lets give Nas his flowers while he is still here with us. Thank you Nasir!

Some say the timing for release could be a response to Jay-Z's latest comment about Verzus. Either way the album is a blessing, with just 9 tracks listen here on Spotify. If you enjoyed Illmatic flows and the "King's Disease" or "King's Disease II" production you will LOVE "Magic"! Follow @RawrrzoneNYC on all social media!


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