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Rawrrzone Picks - B.Ankha On My Own

The songstress known as B.Ankha graced our stage this past July at our #GivebackforShawn concert series and took our breath away. What many people did not know about B.Ankha was she previously held a private screening in a movie theatre for the release of her music video for On My Own. The song became the modern age anthem for the independent woman working through her day to day being sufficient for her own life without the help of any toxic influences. B.Ankha's confidence in the performance and music video is just one attribute that stay's constant in everything she puts out and it gives her audience something more to look forward to.

About B.Ankha

Known as B.Ankha professionally, Bianca Hassell is a hardworking female by day, and a superstar in waiting at night. Her mantra, "Shaking the block when I step on it" has resonated with all she has come into contact with, as her potential is yet to be questioned. A singer / songwriter from the Bronx who has spent the last decade writing and recording quality music, B.Ankha released her debut project, L.I.F.E. (Life in Full Effect) in 2018. B.Ankha has come a long way since writing her 1st song at the age of thirteen, she's since fell in love with the entire process of recording and engineering since the first time stepping into a professional recording studio at the age of 16. Her grind, just a few years ago, included returning to her hometown from college on the weekends, striving to complete her debut project L.I.F.E. (which has since received great reviews since being released in July 2018). Sacrificing time and investing in herself, she thanks her manager/engineer/producer ELUS "The Kindgenius" for his belief in her and countless hours in the studio working. "I have become so accustomed to the studio and putting my entire feeling into what I’m making, I've grown as an artist trying to get to where I am today and even further. I can sing but what I’m saying & how I deliver it will touch you on another level .” To date, B.Ankha has amassed an impressive 200,000 in streaming plays and she is also approaching close to the same number in her YouTube views. "What I have in store is a taste of what I SEE & what I feel I need to SAY. how it affects you. Whether it's friendships, relationships, work, school, etc". In a span of the last four years, B.Ankha has released a versatile catalog with so many more sides to come!

Follow her on instagram: @_b.ankha


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