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Rawrrzone's own Heel Classic and the EDC General Team up For a Visual Masterpiece

Live Johnson has been on a mission since the world opened back up and that is to make quality music for his audience to appreciate. When the clock striked 12:00AM on January 1st , 2022 , the visual for Luv it premiered giving us two things to celebrate. Johnson in the production of the track recruited Rawrrzone's own Michael Bostic and with the help of Painfully Gifted Visuals the EDC duo established that this is their time.

Shot in Cony Island Brooklyn, Johnson takes us through a story of a night with his date played by Latisha Wright with Bostic singing the hook and showing his style off in the 90s classic RNB vibe. The video is a new era for both artists and we are looking forward to seeing what comes next from the duo.

Follow them everywhere @_heelclassic and @livejohnson718


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