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RYDER "Lilan's Lullaby" Official Music Video

The story of two rebels is rugged yet eloquent, as the Queens, NY based rock phenom, RYDER brings us another hit "Lilan's Lullaby"! If you are also drawn to dark romance, there is no turning back or down on the volume for that matter, so enjoy the wave.

Andrew Bloch and James Ryder exchange guitar licks that fit the warm vocals, which makes for a deep love ballad that we didn't even know we needed. Erik Unkrich on bass guitar and Billy Smith on drums drive the melody to elevate your musical consciousness.

RYDER brings a poetic approach to warm, gritty metal guitar riffs that create a melodic environment that brings you right to the front of the stage. Click above this review and leave a comment, like and subscribe!

If you would like to see RYDER live, here is a video of the live performance! Check out to stay updated on where and when the next shows are happening. Contact the 4 piece band on social media to find out how to coordinate a show NEAR YOU!


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