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The Weeknd knows no Bounds in Dawn FM

The Weeknd stops the world dead in its tracks with the release of Dawn FM. The fifth studio album by the Canadian superstar Abel Tesfaye popularly known as the Weekend has captivated his audience once again with a star studded cast of Jim Carrey, Quincy Jones, Tyler the Creator , and Lil Wayne. What many people do not know is the incredible production of the Eurotrance / RNB Fusion project is credited to legends of the House / EDM genre own Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, and Oscar Holter. According to Pitchfork the attempts in creating a follow up album to the Grammy winning album After Hours led to countless depressing hours which spilled over into the music.

The premise of the album is based in the Weeknd's version of purgatory narrated in a radio FM style with Ontario's own Jim Carrey (The Mask, Bruce All Mighty, The Grinch) as the host . The album gave us The Weeknd's existentialist view of the afterlife with Jim Carey as the perfect conductor. Existentialist tones come in a Tale by Quincy as he tells the story of Jones mentally ill mom and horrible stepmother while Jim Carrey continues to keep us in reflection in Phantom Regret by Jim. In typical Weeknd fashion we have traces of toxic love and see a continuation of his embracing his broken self in tracks such as I Heard you were Married? , Less Than Zero, How Do I Make You Love Me? Out of Time and Sacrifice.

The Weeknd continues to draw inspiration from Michael Jackson in his recent visual for his track Sacrifice in a pivotal scene where his dancers did a thriller type dance in the chamber.

We can't wait to see more visuals from the project.


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