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Tyi Flows turns the summer up a notch in Firestarter

The MC from Brooklyn is looking to show out his skills not only as a lyricist but as an artist. Using the sample from "FIRSTARTER END TITLES"BY John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies he was able to put a modern twist to a classic. Fire starter's fast cadence and drum patterns are exhilarating with a dark undertone complimenting it. In a conversation with Flows he stated :

I wrote the hook like if I was motivating myself to be able to move in a uncomfortable environment and make something positive happen a way to push my self to greatness"

Many underestimate the lyrical powers of Tyi Flows, he is able to tap into multiple flows whether it be horror-core vibes with a tribal beat to start of the day Flows continues to overcome and continue to entertain. Firestarter not only motivates him its beat and flow is meant to get you started in the morning and go for a run.

Stream and download it below

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